Pediatric Dentistry

At Sweet Water Family Dentistry,

We offer the following pediatric dentistry services at our practice:

Preventive treatments

Preventive treatments are aimed at detecting and fixing problems at an early stage so that need for more extensive and expensive dental procedures can be avoided in future. We offer oral hygiene and preventative home care programs, instructions to parents on how to take proper care of infant and toddler teeth, custom-made mouth guards to protect against sports injuries and diagnostics for early orthodontic treatment.


Restorative treatments can bring back your child’s teeth and mouth to a healthy state by treating infections and problems. Some examples of restorative dental care are root canal therapy and cosmetic bonding. Root canal treatment is performed to save an injured or severely decayed tooth. Bonding is used to fix chips and minor fractures to front teeth, which are common childhood occurrences.

Emergency dentistry

Some of the most common pediatric dental emergencies are severe toothache, knocked out teeth, a tooth pushed into the jawbone, crown fracture, root fracture, and dental concussions. Our practice provides emergency care for children to immediately relieve pain and make your child comfortable.


These are thin coatings of plastic that protect the back teeth from decay by smoothing out the grooves and fissures on the chewing surfaces.

Fluoride applications

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and cavities by making the enamel stronger. We offer topical fluoride application treatments for kids at our office.

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Children’s Complete Checkup

Includes an exam, X-rays, and cleaning.  Available for children under the age of 14.
Expires on DATE. New patients only.
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