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Dental Fillings

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Advantages of tooth-colored fillings

Everyone may experience different set of symptoms due to cavities. Decay in early stages can only be identified during a dental checkup. If not treated in time, cavities can cause toothaches, sensitivity, pain, pus in the gums and teeth, and visible holes in the teeth. Dental fillings are used to restore the damage caused by cavities.

The placement of a dental filling is a quick and simple procedure that can typically be completed during a single visit to the office. Local anesthesia may be used to prevent pain. The decayed part of the tooth is removed, and the tooth is cleaned. A composite resin matching the natural color of the tooth is then placed and sculpted to give you a natural looking and comfortable smile. The resin will be sealed and polished for a lasting result.

We can also replace your old, dark silver fillings with composite white filling for a smile makeover that will also improve your oral health.

Tips to prevent cavities and maintain healthy teeth

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