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6 Simple Tips for Managing Pediatric Dentistry in Lithia Springs

BY sweet water family dentistry

Taking kids with you to your trusted dentist and their dental clinic is significant to make sure that their teeth and their gums are healthy and to promote good oral hygiene habits. However, at such tender ages, kids can be scared off easily at the name of a dentist and the unfamiliar room and chair they need to be for their dental procedures. On an average, before starting kindergarten, a child must visit his dentist about ten times. And hence, it is important to make sure that the fear of dentists is removed from their minds. Certain tips and tricks in the field of Pediatric Dentistry might work wonders for you and your child on a voyage to a healthy mouth.

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that tends and caters to the dental needs of children of all ages. At our clinic in Lithia Springs, our team of professionals makes sure to provide you with specialized dentistry services to children of all ages to make sure these tender little ones are happy and excited about their next dental visits as well.

Various services are provided at our clinic that specifically caters to the needs of children.

  • Preventive Treatments – Detecting oral health issues early on and fixing them to make sure that children do not have to undergo severe dental procedures.
  • Restorative treatments – To bring back the dental health of your child to its best.
  • Emergency Dentistry – Toothaches, knocking out of teeth, injuries or accidents, fractures, concussions, etc. all kinds of emergencies with your child’s mouth can be dealt with easily.
  • Sealants – Coatings that will protect your child’s teeth and their dental health against decay.
  • Fluoride Applications – It helps make the enamel stronger to further prevent tooth decay and cavities.

All these treatments are meant to protect your child’s dental aesthetics. However, most children might develop a fear of the dentists and all these dental procedures. Here are six tips that might help you manage your child and make him ready for his next appointment to our clinic:

  1. Take your child to the dental care providers from early on. As soon as their first teeth start developing, you must bring them by for regular check ups. This will not only ensure a healthy mouth but also make them familiar and comfortable with your pediatric dentistry provider.
  2. Role play with your child, pretending to be a dentist and pretentiously check on their teeth and gums. This will make them comfortable for their real dental check up. Make sure to use certain tools make out of toys to make them familiar with dental tools and to advise them like a professional dentist.
  3. There are many short stories written on subjects related to dental visits for children. Make sure to read these stories with them.
  4. Talk to your children about their forthcoming dental appointments, help them relax mentally and help them get excited about their visit to the dentist.
  5. Take your child to your dental visits with you. Make sure to choose for yourself a dental care provider that tends to the dental needs of the whole family. This way your child can play and enjoy with other children as well and get familiar with dentists and dental procedures and equipment.
  6. Lead them by example. Practice good dental habits yourself to promote healthy oral hygiene in them as well. Educate them about the benefits of oral hygiene and benefits of visiting a dental practitioner regularly.

Consult our team of professionals to know about more ways of maintaining good oral habits among your little ones. Visit us – Lithia Springs Family Dentistry, 1515 Westfork Drive, Suite A Lithia Springs, GA 30122. Or call us – (770) 824-4825.

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